scapegoating: the flexible friend of hegemony

just revisiting this a few years on. interesting to see what i thought then and how things are now with more condem years under our belt.


Predictably enough the riots have created a space in which people feel permitted to voice yet more stereotyping and denigration of several groups.  Most notably to me, perhaps because I’m sensitised to it, is what I’ll call, “single Mum bashing”.  Single Mum’s and the underclass (assumed to be the same thing by many despite any number of easily accessible studies that show the diversity within that ‘group’) are allegedly raising entitled, ill disciplined and reckless youngsters with no sense of personal responsibility or social conscience.


So that’s a problem of single Mums and the underclass right?


This reads, to me, more like a description of our society as a whole.  The people at the ‘top’ are modelling low standards of criminality from politicians expense scams that have gone unprosecuted (theft is fine, you can get away with it), to the bankers ridiculous behaviour that was conducted without scruples…

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